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How to Increase Energy Efficiency with Home Renovations?

Home renovations can make a big impact on the functional aspect of your home. And as energy costs are rising in all parts of the world, you can carry out a home renovation that will improve your home energy efficiency and bring down your energy bill.

There are many companies that carry out Melbourne home renovations but you need to choose a company that focuses on energy efficient conversions so that you get the maximum benefit. They will have designers, engineers and other professionals that will be able to look at your current home in many aspects and come up with innovative solutions in order to improve energy efficiency. You have to consider the external envelope of your home when striving for energy efficient home, even if you have the latest HVAC systems, smart technology etc.

If the warm or cool air in your home is escaping through your building envelope, your HVAC system will be under additional strain and working overtime. And you will be spending more on cooling or heating your home than what is actually required. So the first place to look is your insulation. How well insulated is your home? If it is an older home, the insulation may need to be updated. You need to check the insulation in your walls, basement and attic. Your walls make up the biggest surface area in the building envelope and if they are not properly insulated, you will be spending a lot on cooling or heating your home.

Windows are another way in which your indoor air can escape. If you have old draft windows, it is best to replace them with energy efficient options. Look for windows that are properly sealed when it comes to their operation. Also the gap between the window and the wall has to be sealed properly as well.

You can choose double glazed windows as they have a vacuum in between two panes of glass preventing the transfer of heat or cold from the outside. Also, there are other options such as low E glass, UV films etc. There may be many ways for air to leak out of your home. In addition to sealing your windows, you also need to concentrate on sealing electrical outlets, doors, vents etc. so that air doesn’t leak out.

Sometimes the problem can be your HVAC system. If your current system is more than a decade old, it may be time for a replacement. You can select a new energy efficient HVAC system that will help reduce your energy consumption. In some countries, you will be able to access rebates or tax credits when upgrading to an energy efficiency HVAC system. You can also look for smart systems that help you improve energy efficiency.

For example, you can have blinds that will automatically shut when there is too much sunlight coming through the window. There are also automated canopies that will extend the same way and prevent your interior from being heated. You can adjust the temperature in the house automatically according to the time of day or your schedule by installing a programmable thermostat.

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