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Reasons why JDM importing companies are better than
individual importers

Importing vehicles is always the right choice than buying from local second hand sellers; especially when it comes to JDM cars. But due to the demand, there are both companies and individual importers in the present. In this read, we’re going to tell you why exactly it’s always better to choose companies over individually working importers.

Better mutual availability

Let us assume that you wanted to get a vehicle from a specific auction during a specific time period, maybe during the month of December given prices are relatively lower. What would happen if the chosen individual importer was simply busy with another project, and basically unavailable? Given the little time you’d have, will it be practical to find a reliable alternative that fast? This problem doesn’t happen with companies since they’ve got all the time for all their customers.

Better accountability

A person can always turn off their smartphone and disappear. A company that’s been in the industry for some time planning on continuing that. Thus, when individually working importers will not be that responsible, the importing companies do not want to tarnish their name amongst the competitors. Hence, the companies would ensure that your JDM importing needs are met in the best way possible. One of such perfectly reliable companies is what you find at check the website out once and you’d realize how they know what they’re doing.

Better auction winning chances

Auctions are where the magic happens; auctions are where the best cars are sold at the cheapest price. Since that’s not a secret, bidders from all over the world will be there. If your individual importer can’t really go to Japan to be physically present at the auction, they just might delegate to another person. That person just wants his cut for trying. So, the winning chances are going to be lesser. Better companies on the other hand will have company representative teams there, bidding intelligently and bagging your car.

Better ease on checking vehicle availability

The vehicle importing industry is all about being interconnected. When compared to a single person, a company is always going to have a number of carious people and company connections in Japan. This increases their scope on checking the vehicle availability. A handful of companies have their resources well digitized. This allows you to check the availability of any JDM model or make from the website itself and even request a quote then and there; the website we mentioned in this read is one example.

Better overall prices

Although you might think that a single person will not charge as much as a company, you’re wrong. When a company gets a number of deals per month, a single importer gets only a handful. This makes them want to make as much as possible from a deal. You shouldn’t overspend when you can get a better and affordable service done at a company at all. Thus, be sure to choose an importing company but never an individual importer, ever.

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